The Necessity of Corporate Work Culture in Indian Companies

  The necessity and demand for nice corporate work culture have been raised in the last 5 - 10 years. Now since people are much aware of the corporate work culture and they wish or dream to work in such a culture. A large amount of talent pool denies being associated with such a company which doesn't have a nice corporate work culture.    Work culture plays a vital role in the companies in terms of increasing their employee's productivity, maintaining the work environment, keeping their people managing their work-life and personal life balance, and providing job satisfaction to their employees. A nice corporate culture in companies keeps their employees much engaged in the work and happy with the job.   We know every business is a reflection of its culture. This is why most of the companies hire people from various cultures and encourage cultural exchange.    There are many companies in India, which are still following traditional or orthodox work culture, which is

The Change of Office Work Culture

  There was a limitation for all of us to stay at home to be safe during the entire Lockdown Period. During this period many organizations realized that this period may last longer So, the adopt the concept of working remotely & safely. As more and more companies adopt remote work options and increased flexibility for employees, HR Strategies must adapt to the changing pattern of the workforce by becoming more accessible and convenient for these dispersed teams. On-demand, online platforms have increased relevant and legacy software must adapt to this. Remote work offers a number of benefits to Organizations and its employees. Employees do prefer working remotely: With the advent of COVID-19, most employees have already developed a habit of working from home and they're enjoying the flexibility offered by remote work. Recent studies show that 42% of remote workers have the plan to work remotely more often than they currently do over the next 5 years. 80% of employees want